-our courses-

Our courses incorporate fitness training and are designed to increase students ability to move & change direction and  position of the body quickly & effectively while under control. It increases quick reflexes, coordination, balance, speed, and correct response to the changing situation. 

We also practice different ways to get away from common assault i.e. grab from behind, choke hold, hair pull, wrist grab, and various pinned down on the ground positions.

Benefits of the Programs:


- Boost Confidence

- Become Physically Stronger and Grounded

- Improved Situational Awareness 

- Becoming More Street Smart

- Feeling More Safe & Secure in Social Settings and Dating Scenes  

- Improved Coordination

- Become More Assertive and Increased Verbal Clarity

The classes are fun, safe and empowering they aim to teach everyone no matter their age how to stand up for themselves, be confident in who they are and their abilities.


These courses range from one on one training sessions to Private Group training for up to 10 students. Get some friends and coworkers and start learning how to stand up for yourself, recognise danger and protect yourself. 

-schools and corporate-

We offer Corporate and Schools self defence workshops and programs. These can range from one day programs to weekly courses. There are discounted rates for schools and corporates. Contact us to find out more!

-Teen empowerment-

Our TEEN Self Defence course is designed specifically for girls and boys aged 13-19 years old. This program focuses on empowering our youth with a well rounded self defence training specific for their needs.
Our teen classes include discussions around common issues teenagers face mostly in high school and in friend groups. Including dating violence, recognising signs of an abusive partner, situational awareness, boundary setting and bullying.