G is Fusions main man and one of our awesome and highly skilled trainers. He holds a Personal Training certificate and is also Invercargill’s one and only ZUU instructor. G’s training style is tough but fun, he will work you hard but we promise he will bring the jokes. Whether you want to improve your sports performance, reduce health risks, or look and feel better, G can help you achieve your goals. G uses a functional, yet fun approach and will help give you what you need to smash your goals! G is not only an awesome trainer… he also does the house work! He is often found keeping the gym spick and span. If you want to unlock your potential G is your man!​

Fun fact:

I can fly like Superman and I turn green when I'm angry like the Hulk and I do kick sits for fun everyday.

Favourite food:

Chips and bacon and egg pies I frigging love them.

Favourite quote:

"Behave and don't burn the place down."

What inspires me:
I'm inspired by the people I've meet that have changed my life. But most of all my family, with out them I'm lost. Also everyone thats struggled with life and made it through the other side to be something great.

Wanna look as cool as G?